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Chorrillo del Salto

It is a short and easy walk which introduces us to the landscapes and flora of the area. On the Route 23 which takes us to Lago del Desierto, at a Little lesss tan 4 km from the town, the entrance to this simple walk is located. We begin on a trail populated by lengas and ñires, until a short time after, reaching Chorrillo del Salto, a gorgeous natural cascade which falls from mountain ridges at 25 meters of height, bringing the water from de-icing, originating from the glaciers located at the high peaks. This particular place is protected from the winds, which makes it ideal for a small picnic.

It is accessible on vehicle until reaching the parking lot and, by doing so walk only 15 minutes, or navigate on foot from the town consisting of a distance of 3,5 Km (45 minutes). • Length: 2hs.

  • Total Distance: 7 Km approximately
  • Unevenness distance: 50 meters.
  • Technical Difficulty: beginner
  • Physical Demand: Low

Duracion 2 hours
Dificultad 1/10

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