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Diablo Lagoon and Cagliero Glacier

Diablo Lagoon and Cagliero Glacier

This new excursion begins with the pickup service at their respective hotels. The Guide and our truck pick the passengers up from 08:00 am and drives them to the Los Huemules Natural Reserve.

This field is located about 17 kms from the town, on the N° 41 scenic route leading to Lago Del Desierto. There, is located the Natural Reserve which holds 5500 hectare of total land, surrounded by big mountains, glaciers, woods in pristine preservation state with abundant renoval presence, with the presence of the local fauna such as the torrents duck, the magellanic woodpecker, the condor, the South Andean deer, the red fox and the puma.

Upon entering the Stay, approximately at 08:45 or 09:00 hs, visitors are welcome by the Park Ranger and maintenance staff who are tasked with registering those who enter and collecting the entrance charge.

After receiving the complete information about the area we begin a smooth walk destined for people with average and good physical condition. The trail allows us to cover the entirety of the Valle del Rio Diablo (Devil River Valley) until reaching the lagoon of the same name on its left sideline.

Along this journey it is possible to sight Torrents Duck and maybe, if we are fortunate South Andean Deer, meanwhile the Cerro Treinta Aniversario (30th Anniversary Mount) and the Loma Del Diablo (Devil’s Hill).

After approximately 3 hours we cross the river on a bridge near Laguna Diabo (Devil Lagoon), granting access to the mountain shelter named Puesto Cagliero (Cagliero post), located in front of the glacier of the same name.

There, we are received with a bowl of hot soup, while we enjoy the mighty view of the Glaciar Cagliero Sur (Cagliero South Glacier) and Laguna Diablo (Devil Lagoon).

After Lunch, approximately at 13:00 hs, we return to Estancia Los Huemules (los Huemules Stay), without repeating the trail on the way in, pacing through Blue Lagoon and Green Lagoon. Our transfer waits to embark on the returning trip between 16:30 – 17:00 hs from the Stay and we are arriving at El Chalten between, 17:45 – 18:00hs.

  • Technical difficulty: Medium
  • Unevenness: 350 mts
  • Total Distance: 16 km 

Duracion 9 hours
Dificultad 5/10

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