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Laguna and mount Torre

Laguna and mount Torre

Along with the Ftiz Roy, this is the other most important trekking on the area, which ands with a stunning view to one of the most difficult to climb mountains in the world, the Cerro Torre (Mount Torre).

The trail starts from the town itself, with a gentle slope in the first few minutes, always walking along the course of the Fitz Roy river. After 20 minutes of walking, amazes us to see the Canyon of the Fitz Roy River and behold beautiful bodies of water suck as Cascada Margarita (Margarita Cascade). From here, we get to see delightful sight of the Cerro Torre. Right after, we reach the first lookout point which is ideal to make a first resting stop ( at only 01:30 hs from El Chalten), and contemplate, besides Cerro Torre, its glaciers and Cordon de las Adelas. If you return to El Chalten through this lookout point, it will be a 3 hours hike, ideal for passengers or groups looking for short duration activities.

After this, we navigate (around 1 more hour) a beautiful valley, with Little undulations, until reaching De Agostini Base Camp, where surely the elite of hikers and climbers from all around the world will be met, waiting in order to climb Torre.

We keep hiking for a few more minutes, under the intention of reaching Laguna Torre, with a magnificent view of the mount of the same name, flanked by the Egger, Standhardt and Bifida pointers, accompanied by el Cordon de las Adelas, with its impressive glaciers spilling into de lagoon. After that, the returning hike begins on the same trail.

Note: if the passengers are still energized enough, it is posible to extend the hike to Laguna Torre to “Mirado Maestri”(Maestri lookout point), which takes 2km walk, 45 more minutes, surrounding the Laguna until reaching the end of vegetation, which conforms a natural balcony with an spectacular panoramic view above the Glacier and Laguna Torre.

  • Length: Full Day (7 hs)
  • Technical Difficulty: Beginner
  • Total distance: 18 km approximately
  • Unevenness Meters: 300 (250 only the first 3 km)
  • Physical Demand: Moderate
  • Beginning: Between 8:00 and 9:00hs
  • Return: 16:00 hs. 

Duracion Full Day (7 hs)
Dificultad 1/10

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